Motivational Speaker, Mentor & Commentator

Sports Clubs

Workshops / Sessions:

  • Motivation
  • 6 Keys to Success
  • Goal Setting
  • TeamYou
  • Team-building Activities
  • Positive Mindset
  • Dealing with Nerves and Stress
  • Awards/Presentation Evenings


The Keys to Success session delivered introduced to some Pentathletes the necessary skills to be successful at a high level but highlighted the need to look at these at an early stage. For the more experienced athlete it highlighted where improvements could be made to increase their levels of success and allowed them to reflect on their current training methodology

What was great about Craig’s talk was his sincerity because by being so honest about his own pathway to success it showed me that my goals are achievable with the right tools Abigail Harvey, GB Senior Squad fencer.

On a personal note having attended numerous presentations on broadly similar subjects this was by far the most entertaining and interactive one I have been fortunate to be involved with. I would also be happy to be contacted by anyone thinking about using you for motivating or inspiring athletes so feel free to pass my contact details on through your website etc.
— Iain Aberdeen Head Coach - Newcastle and Northumberland Modern Pentathlon Club Director of Fencing and Modern Pentathlon - Newcastle University

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